Back when the words “Punk Rock Bunny Dodge Ball!” were first uttered, these two main characters came to life:

The first concept for the bunnies was for a Nerf-type physical game, played with stuffed bunnies, and this bunny gives a more 3-dimensional view:

The ideas started flowing quickly after that, from various Bunny Gangs, individual characters and personalities, backstory, and game play ideas for card games or computer games. Hand-drawn bunnies took a backseat to concepting, game design, and vector illustration, but the initial look and feel of the characters came from these early sketches.

Note the tattoos & piercings on the early sketches, some of which didn’t make it into the draft vector images. Time to get more detailed with the digital bunnies…

I published new Punk Rock Bunny Character Illustrations to my portfolio, which includes one character previously unseen. Can you spot which one? Another one is donning a new article of clothing (fashionable bunny!).

(hint: Watch the debut Valentine Animation again.)

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sneak peek

Just click the link above to open the animated Valentine’s Day Card featuring 4 debut bunnies. If you like what you see, you can share it with your friends & loved ones. Be sure to source Punk Rock Bunnies © Red Silver Design